Saturday, May 28, 2016

Monasticism, Applied

Last month, I did a post (here) to hopefully help newcomers find their way around this site. I think it's time once again to do a bit of exploring.

The following is a brief series, from our archives, on "applying the monastery" to our lives in the midst of the world. One post leads to another in chronological order (there is a click-on link at the bottom of each post). 

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Our Monastic Day 


 Photo: Mount St.Michel, public domain via Pixabay


  1. Nancy, this series is phenomenal!!! I want to buy the book and reread it over and over! Are you going to publish one? Love your writing and depth and honesty, but most of all your love of our Lord and efforts to live for Him! Thank you for your beautiful gift of writing!!!

    1. My goodness - thank you very much! I actually was working on just such a book last summer but got seriously sidetracked. And a bit overwhelmed. Interestingly enough, it began with this same little "monastic day" series, and I was determined to finish it by the end of the summer.

      Could it be that I just had the wrong summer :)?

    2. All in its own time!!!! I will be waiting!!!


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