Monday, May 16, 2016

You're Invited on a Field Trip....

Thanks to a recent posting from Dan Burke, I've just found a delightful little video of a Community of Carmelite nuns in New Zealand. I was particularly struck by the atheist-to-nun journey of the Prioress, and I loved having glimpses of the routine, the monastery, the habit, the grilles.

Care to join me for a look inside the walls?

To our e-mail subscribers: this post features a video, which can be viewed by coming to the blog itself.


  1. Thanks so much Nancy for sharing this wonderful video. I have had regular communication with Prioress Dorothea - she's a jewel, as they all seem to be.

    1. Connie, what a privilege! Prioress Dorothea is intriguing to me, with her overnight conversion at (of all places) a rock concert. Throughout the ages, haven't we seen God reach into the most amazing places to call His people to Himself?!

  2. Considering the state of our world today, going behind those walls and being alone with Jesus is very appealing. Thank you for sharing this video.


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