Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Revisiting The Spirit of This Life

We who are genuinely interested in monastic life will almost certainly be interested in visiting this link ("A Day with the Directory"). It provides such a good look at the day to day life inside a monastery that I intend to print out a copy for my own reference.

Can I live this kind of life in the midst of the world?  No.  Not in its externals.  Nor should I try to.  To make such an attempt would only frustrate me and inhibit my growth in holiness within the call I have been given by God.   

Can I live the spirit of this life?  I think so.  In its 'internals.'

I can, for instance, intend all my actions for God, ask His grace, offer them to Him and accept in advance all the good and pain that will come.  'My God, grant me the grace to perform this action with you and through love of you. I offer you in advance all the good that I may do and accept all the pain and trouble that I may meet therein as coming from Your Fatherly hand.'  

Like those inside physical cloisters, I can begin every action by embracing Jesus. Through Him, in Him, for Him, with Him.

I hope you will be as inspired as I am by this (click to view)....

A Day With the Directory


Reconciled To You and Theology Is A Verb 

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