Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In Whose Hearts are the Roads to Zion

"They are happy,
who dwell in Your house,
forever singing Your praise.
They are happy,
whose strength is in You,
in whose hearts
are the roads to Zion." 
(Psalm 84)

I enjoyed yesterday's
'field trip' so much that I'd like to have another. This time we'll visit via a link, beginning by clicking here and here and here.

These last two 'field trips' have, for me, underlined some contrasts between the physically cloistered world and the world outside. This outside world is a wild, mad one, and going madder by the minute. Anyone else noticing that?  Living in the midst of it, striving to live for God in the midst of it, is challenging.

Next time here, I hope to share some of the challenges I personally face. 

I have a feeling that what comes next may be a very personal post....


  1. Nancy,
    Thank you posting the beautiful pictures from your field trip. The peace radiating from them was a great way to start my day.


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