Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Here? Let Me Show You Around

Last week I was introduced to smart phones.

I know. Astonishing, isn't it, for someone to be so far behind in the world of technology?

One thing I've learned through this educational experience is that blog sidebars and stand-alone-pages may never be seen by phone and tablet viewers. If the first post you see here speaks of "viewing life through the grille" or "living enclosed in the will of God" with no real clue to what is meant by these phrases, you are entitled to be confused.

Or... well... you were. I will now attempt to withdraw that entitlement by providing a few explanations. And in view of the fact that new people arrive here often (thanks be to God, and welcome!), I hope to do a semi-regular post with links to explanatory pieces. Each such post will have a link to basic terms, as well as a few links to our archived posts and "series" (different each time) in case anyone would like to poke around a bit.

Want to see how this works? Me too!

So here goes...

For a quick overview of what we mean by "a cloistered heart," click this line.

For a quick look at a cloistered heart "habit," click this line.

For posts illustrating what I call The Path Between (illustrating "cloister" in the midst of the world), click this line.

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