Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Monastic Adventure in Sequence

We all know that blogs 'read backwards.' This is handy when we want to catch up on the latest news from someone. It's a bit tougher to work with if we're trying follow a particular thread of thought. In that case, we probably prefer to read posts in the order in which they were written.

This summer, we've looked into various monastic topics. As you may recall, we tried a basic 'format' for each subject.  The sequence went something like this: 

1.  Physically Cloistered  
2.  Spiritually Cloistered 
3.  Scripture and/or Saints Speak
4.  How We are Living This

Something like this does not become 'dated.' Therefore, I've linked these topics in chronological order, just as I did for the 'monastic days' we recently re-visited. We can click on any topic below, then read from post to post (approximately two to five posts on each topic).

I invite anyone who cares to do so to click on any subject that might be of interest.  At the bottom of that post, there will be another link, and on and on. 

Monasticism, Physical and Spiritual

The Monastery


Inside the Walls

The View Through The Grille

The Chapel

The Choir Stall

A Brief Retreat

The Garden               

In the Habit

Total Commitment

In The Cell

Prayer: Staying on Track

The Lighter Side (recreation)

Our Refuge 

Pictures on this post in public domain

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  1. Nancy, I haven't been able to visit for a while, and I've missed you. I look forward to exploring all you've written these last few months and losing myself once more in The Cloistered Heart.

    The top image on this post is beautiful - which monastery is it?

    1. Hi, friend! I'm becoming all organizey and sequency these days (well, on blogs. We won't mention closets and drawers and 'fridge oh my), and I'm glad it will be new material to you :).

      The monastery is a Capuchin one, and the photo was found at this link

      Thanks, Tess!


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