Thursday, September 25, 2014

On the Ruins of Self Love

"Sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love, and whenever we go against the natural bent, it is indeed the most noble self-sacrifice....

Are you in a bad humour? Laugh, if possible...

Are you tempted to anger? For the love of Jesus, be very meek and gentle.

Do you wish to avenge yourself? Render good for evil.

Are you disposed to show ill-will to anyone? Manifest great kindness.

Perhaps you are tempted to detract your neighbour? Say only what is good, or keep silence...

Should you feel inclined to speak harshly, let your words be mild and cordial.

Is there an opportunity for a slight revenge, or to inflict a sharp retaliation? Show yourself polite and obliging...

Everything tries and irritates you. Preserve your equanimity....

Indeed, is not our heart an altar whence the incense of sacrifice and our submission to His adorable will unceasingly rises up to God?  What heart could be more pleasing to Him than a heart full of love, constantly offered to Him! For we can always sacrifice upon this altar and offer ourselves with the Son of His Love for His glory and the welfare of souls!

Oh my God, make a saint of me whatever the cost to self may be."

(from Fervorinos from the Lips of the Master, compiled by a Religious, Pelligrini, Australia, 1940, pp. 139-144)

Painting at top of post: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Among the Ruins
Heart painting: Philippe de champaigne, detail


  1. Oh I love this.
    Sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love...sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love...sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love...HEAR this my soul...sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love!!

    1. Thank you, Trish... and now I will go through the day (I hope) hearing that line in my mind, repeating like a monastery bell ...sanctity is built on the ruins of self-love....

  2. Nancy, I miss visiting and seeing your wonderful posts. "The ruins of self love" How like St Benedict in the Holy Rule. And of course the very message I needed to hear as always!
    Blessings always +

    1. Thanks so much, Caroline! I love having you visit :) !


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