Monday, May 12, 2014

A House of God

"The monastery is the house of God... the monk is a witness to God... an athlete, a slave in the service of his divine Master, a soldier fighting for the heavenly King, a pilgrim journeying towards the heavenly Jerusalem" (Daniel Rees, Consider Your Call, Cistercian Publications, Kalamazoo, 1980, p. 100)

When we think of the word "monastery," we might imagine a cluster of buildings hidden away in the woods, or high on a hill, or even in a city.   The truth is:  a monastery can be anywhere.  

A monastery's difference from any other building is not in its exterior.  It has walls made of brick or wood or stone; it is covered by a roof and fitted with windows; it is as subject to storms and the effects of aging as any other structure.  

The difference is one of purpose.  As we have said here many times, a monastery is a place consecrated to God, a place of prayer, a place where God is loved and lived for and served.  

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What Does it Take to Make a Monastery? 

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