Monday, July 14, 2014

Their Vocation

A religious habit, as we read several days ago, is a sign of an inward consecration.

Without this consecration, I could wear every sort of wimple and every length of veil, and still I would not be a nun.

God called me to a different vocation, and He has given me grace to respond to that one.  Is there anything I can learn, however, from looking at the call to religious life?   How does that particular call come, and how does a person respond?

The following stories are ones I have found inspiring.  I hope they will touch you as well.

"The love of God is the strongest driving force on earth. Thousands upon hundreds of thousands have given up their lives simply because they loved Him so much that breath and heartbeat slipped into the inconsequential by comparison.  Hundreds upon thousands of young girls have walked into cloisters and never walked out of them because their youth and liberty were the very least to give the One they loved so much."  (Mother Mary Francis PCC, A Right to be Merry,  Click here for more about this book)

Links to (beautiful) personal stories by individuals who have answered a call to cloistered life:

A Rose Transplanted
Totally Yours, Jesus   
Prom Queen to Cloistered Nun

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  1. Beautiful testimonies of love and sacrifice..and joyful fulfilment in Christ!

  2. I find this comment inspiring too, Nancy. And I was also moved by Mother Dolores Hart's comments about how she had no choice but to enter the convent because she fell in love. I think I love Jesus so much but then I realise that I have taken without sacrifice. Suddenly, those pesky daily trials seem so much more attractive!

    Thank you for this series, Nancy. Your writings are so helpful - I appreciate them all. xx

    1. Oh Vicky, I needed your comment at this very exact moment!! Was feeling rather 'whiney' about a pesky little trial of my own, then came here to find this. Ah ha - my trial is a sacrifice I can offer to Our Lord - and He used what you said to remind me of this. Thank you!


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