Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Way Through the Walls

Of all the 'series' done on this blog, I've probably gotten the most (personally) from the one on 'walls,' done in Lent of 2013.

I would like the opportunity to go through those reflections again, asking God to lead me, to free me of sin, to heal me of distractions and 'what ifs' - and of anything that may have put a wall between me and Him.

In order to go back through this, I am again linking these posts in chronological order.  If you would like to join in re-visiting these, click this line (or the link below) to open the first post. There will be a line at the bottom of that post, linking it to the next one in the sequence.  And on and on. The links are all to posts within this one blog.

In case anyone might like to re-visit any one particular 'wall,' I am also including the list of posts here, individually.  Clicking any line below will take you directly to that post.

I pray that our Lord, Jesus Christ, will open our hearts wide to His love!

The Door in the Wall

Let's Go In

Lord, Free Me of Sin

The Other Side of That Wall

The Wall of What Ifs

The Wall of Distractions

Sometimes We Need a Little Help

With God's Help, I Can Scale Any Wall

Grabbing the Ropes

I Ask You

The Shattered Wall

To begin the entire series on walls, click here

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  1. I enjoyed reading through these posts, today, Nancy. Thank you so much for posting them.

    At one point, I got a little anxious about unknown sins that might be forming the structure of my wall and, at another point, I was living your words as I thought about my own problem with distractions. Ultimately, I felt hopeful and grateful for frequent confession - especially during recent times when it has been difficult to get to daily Mass.

    I'm thinking now of trying some of your ideas for my own prayer chair to help when distractions happen. Now, about the problem of starting to pray in the first place...I'm guessing you've written about that, too. I'll have to do some re-reading in case I missed it :-)

    1. Vicky, I'm sorry to get back to this screen so late (it has been a distracted few weeks around here!).

      STARTING to pray is always the biggest wall of all for me. What a thing for a 'cloistered heart' to have to admit! Everything, every little possible distraction in the universe, seems to jump up and clamor for my attention. They're like little jesters dancing around, shaking their little bell-topped hats to distract me from the King. May our Lord help us!


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