Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Enclosed in Joy

God's will is always for my good.  While I realize that enclosure in God's will is 'confining,' I must also recognize that it is for my ultimate good.  I cannot lose sight of this truth.  God's will is not for my destruction.  Yes, He wills that sin be destroyed in me, that evil be destroyed - but this is because sin harms me.  God's will shall bring me joy.  This does not mean it will bring me pleasure at every moment, but ultimately it will bring me into the fullness of joy.  And so, surrender to God's will should not be a gloomy kind of thing, but a giving of myself with joy.  

No illness, financial collapse, or political circumstance can take Jesus from me.  Nothing can remove Him, for He is in my heart.  I possess the very satisfaction that all are seeking and that no one can really find without finding Him. 

In cloistering my heart, I must remember that cloistered life is meant to be a life of joy as total as one can find on earth.  
(adapted from Cloistered Heart book)