Thursday, February 23, 2012

can't wait to see....

Our friend Joy wrote to share her reaction to yesterday’s picture of the enclosure entrance. “I can just see myself walking that long hall.  We have been asked to leave all of our belongings, our ‘baggage,’ outside the door.  We are invited to come in with empty hands that they will be ready and free to receive whatever it is that the good Lord wants to give us. 

"We bring an expectant heart, a willing soul and an open mind able to hear the words of our Lord and His daily directives to us. 

"As we enter, there is such an air of excitement.  We look around and see many there who are like us in so many ways:  willing, ready, and anxious to get going. 

"The Abbess is the Blessed Mother.  She is there to welcome each and every one of us and assure us that she will be alongside us the whole time.  She makes us feel at ease.  We are comforted by her motherly love.

"How excited we are, not really knowing what lies ahead.  We can't wait to get started.  We’re a little curious and maybe even a little unsure of the ‘unknown.’ Especially with us having to leave all of what we are so familiar with outside the door; no longer having that crutch to lean on or grasp to ourselves.  This is a whole new way of life, but one we are all too willing to start.

“Mary takes each one of us by the hand as we silently move ahead into the silence of our own hearts and are ready for whatever is waiting for us there.  I can't wait to see...”

Can I identify with Joy’s thoughts or feelings?  Do I come into this Lent with an expectant heart?   

If I have anxieties or concerns, Jesus is inviting me to give those to Him.  My Mother Mary is waiting to help me as I do.  When I get to the end of this first hallway, what will I find around the corner?

I can't wait to see.