Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Inside These Walls

A potential nun does not march into the monastery announcing which boundaries she will or will not accept.

'This wall of the enclosure suits me, but I'm not comfortable with that one...'  No, she does not say it. 

Were she to express such thoughts, she would be told that her vocation is elsewhere. These are the boundaries of this monastery, she would be told. These are the walls within which we remain. 

Boundaries are important in a physical monastery. They are important in a spiritual one as well. In the analogy of the cloistered heart, I am invited to live within the boundaries of God's will as a nun would live inside her enclosure.  I don't have to map these out for myself; they are clearly defined for me in Scripture and in 2,000 years of authentic Church discernment.

Today, let's have a look around the enclosure. Click on any line below to open that topic....

An Enclosure Door For Me

Location, Location, Location
O, Blessed Enclosure

Our Refuge For Christ

Public domain photo of Clervaux, via Pixabay



  1. Your description of the enclosure and the cloistered heart is a regular source of comfort and welcoming. It reminds me that although it may feel like a lonely quiet place, God's Will is also a source of comfort and welcoming.

    1. God's will as a place of comfort and welcoming.. what a beautiful and perfect way to put it. Thank you!


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