Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Absent, to be Here


  1. I can personally attest to it. Mother Teresa was absent from heaven over the weekend, until now, because she was here with us, and hasn't left us yet. I 'met' Mother some 6 years ago, I believe, through Come Be My Light where she taught me, chapter by chapter, that grief had a purpose. She was my first teacher who taught me how to carry my cross. In the years that followed, I used to see her from afar, and it was nothing more than that. But in a way I have never experienced before, I felt her presence very deeply from Friday before. She came to tell me gently but firmly, that my Calcutta was in my workplace.

    And that like her, I had to take love right into the dark, to lead the dying back to God.

    1. How beautiful, Caitlynne Grace. I will be beginning Come Be My Light very soon, and am looking forward to it more than ever now. Thank you!


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