Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting Graphic

Not long after beginning to write here five years ago, I learned I could post pictures as well as text.  And that there were marvelous old paintings in public domain, freely available from sites like Wikimedia. For a longtime Art lover like me, this was a thrilling discovery.

As time went on, I also found that pairing paintings and photos with inspiring quotes was something I loved to do. I could then post something quite brief in between longer writings - something I found especially helpful after realizing that I, myself, enjoy reading blog posts that are not too lengthy. (I get to blame my own lack of concentration on 'age').

And then, around a year ago, I started trying to make graphics/memes.  Another fun thing for an Art lover!  Spending time with Scripture, writings of saints, beautiful paintings and striking photos... it has been a blessing I could never have dreamed of when I began blogging in 2011. 

So for today's look back, I'm simply providing a link to our 'graphics.' At the bottom of each page, more can be seen by clicking on the words 'older posts' at the bottom of the screen.

Have a good weekend, all!

Click this line for Graphics (memes) 

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  1. The silent soul is dead to the shrill cries of matter how active your exterior life maybe,you can maintain interior silence. Beloved within this body which you have most graciously given a soul dwells.may my guardian angel bring a glance of what comes in the interior of this dwelling,my home where i am now exiled.
    As i breathe the air,walk upon holy ground so gently for creatures so small live along my path. May i always serve you Father thru others and see you in theirs eyes. Holy Spirit fill me with this light.....


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