Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Here? Come, Have a Look Around!

In just a few days, this little site will "celebrate" five years on the Internet. Five years of posts on what it can mean to live for God, cloistered in heart, in the midst of our families and neighborhoods and workplaces; and it seems that in some ways, we are just beginning.....

Because that many pages of quotes and pictures and analogies can be overwhelming, and because we (thankfully) have new visitors on an ongoing basis, I've decided to spend this week re-visiting some of our rooms and corridors. 

So let's have a look around the cloister, shall we? Just click on highlighted, italicized words below to open any of these "doors."

The Basic Analogy of "The Cloistered Heart" can be found by clicking here. 

In a typical week, we feature a newly written post or two, a few quotes or graphics, and something chosen from our five years of archives. The intention is to keep things brief (for reasons spoken of here), and to offer a variety of things from day to day. 

One of my favorite types of posts to do is something I have called "The Path Between." The explanation of these is given here, and most of the ones posted so far can be found by clicking here. Most of these are brief quotes. As you may know, clicking on the words "older post" at the very bottom of a screen will open more posts.
Now to go sweep out a few more corridors! God willing, I'll see you back here tomorrow.... 


  1. Hello Nancy,

    Thank you for your invitation to have a look around. I just discovered this quiet place last week and since have spent many hours reading from previous posts, items from the side bar and the tabs at the top.

    You have gathered a great deal of very encouraging and challenging materials that inspire me. I will be back to visit again as I ask God to speak to me through these sight.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


    1. Lily, I'm so glad you're here. I love gathering these things, and it's a huge blessing to be able to share them with others who want to live for Our Lord. Thank you!


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