Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tamed by God

In the Religious vocation, say the Lathrops in A Story of Courage, there is always something 'that tells of the heart once and forever pierced with the sword; the peaceful dwelling of a nature which has been touched and tamed by God.' (p. 4)

Even as one living in the midst of the world, I want to be touched by God, and I want to be pierced by His love, and I want to be tamed. It is, I think, an appropriate prayer for Advent.

Come, Lord Jesus, and pierce my heart with Your sword of truth.
Touch my wounded soul with your love.
Tame my wild, selfish nature, and claim me as Your own.
Make me into a peaceful, holy dwelling for Yourself.

(Because what I'd like to share next from A Story of Courage will be a multi-post 'visit to the monastery,' I will wait until after Advent to launch more fully into that). 

This post is part of our series 'A Story of Courage.' To continue in chronological order, click this line.

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