Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What Do They Do at Christmas?

How do those living behind monastery walls celebrate Christmas? I used to wonder.

Do they 'celebrate' at all?

Click the following italicized lines for clues:

They decorate trees, deck the halls, and sometimes shelter kittens at their feet.

They gather around the Christmas tree.

They enjoy candles and tree lights. 

They have celebrations, sing carols, and wear funny hats.

They lift their hearts at Mass.

They contemplate the reality of Jesus Being With Us. 

They embrace the fulfillment of Advent's promise.

They give their hearts anew to God. And with them, so may we.

'Lord Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem, come to us! Enter within me, within my soul. Transform me. Renew me. Change me, change us all from stone and wood into living people, in whom your love is made present and the world is transformed. Amen.' (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, quoted in Vultus Christi)

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