Monday, December 7, 2015

Start Over...

'Don't despair over your shortcomings. 
Start over each day. 
You make spiritual progress by beginning again and again.'

St Francis de Sales


  1. I adore this painting! Makes me pine for snow, but then, I love the snow!!

    1. Again and again indeed.... and again! I love the painting too - it's one of my favorite snow paintings, which is saying a lot. I love snow paintings, and this one has a "depth" that just grabs me. It looks, to me, like snow that has been covered over with a layer of ice. I can almost hear the crunch of footsteps...

    2. Exactly! And then that sky, that wonderful sky! I want to drink tea with you in that little cottage and warm my toes by the fire!!!

    3. Let's go! I'll bring some chamomile....


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