Monday, August 3, 2015

Souls Prepared by Art

I have been experimenting with making 'graphics' lately. I suspect you've noticed. Thank you for your patience as I go through the process of learning.

One of the things I enjoy is putting together what I hope will resemble holy cards. That is the goal, at least, and I would like to keep working toward it. I love finding an uplifting painting, combining it with a prayer or quote, and suddenly realizing that my heart is soaring.

Which is, according to the following, the point of art.

'The function of all art lies in fact in breaking through the narrow and torturous enclosure of the finite, in which man is immersed while living here below, and in providing a window on the infinite for his hungry soul.' (Pope Pius XII, Encyclical The Function of Art)

During this age when fewer parish churches are providing windows on the infinite, some of us may be hungry for the kind of art that breaks through our narrow little worlds. 'Souls ennobled, elevated and prepared by art,' continues Pope Pius XII, 'are thus better disposed to receive the religious truths and the grace of Jesus Christ. This is one of the reasons why the Sovereign Pontiff, and the Church in general, honored and continues to honor art and to offer its works as a tribute of human beings to God's Majesty in His churches, which have always been abodes of art and religion at the same time. (Pope Pius XII)

For a deeper exploration of the function of art in sacred spaces, see Reclaim Beauty. 

And for some real holy cards, click here to check out the treasures at Holy Card Heaven!


  1. Nancy,

    I have been admiring and enjoying your graphic works of art. It's good to see beautiful images and words worth pondering appearing in such places as my Facebook feed.

    The process of learning... Oh, I understand that completely! I have been doing similar things with videos. We have all these technologies available and I keep getting new ideas about how to use them. I've also dipped into graphics. I've only made a couple so far. The mechanics of the process is easy enough to learn. It's the design bit that I'm having trouble with. Unlike you. You seem to have a knack for this!

    1. Thanks, Sue. It takes time to learn these "newfangled" things, doesn't it?! But I enjoy trying the graphics. It's the mechanics of it that I'M having trouble with :) ! You, meanwhile, have become so professional with your podcasts!!

    2. AND the videos, Sue... I meant to say that :).

  2. Hats off to you, Nancy - I think they are beautiful!

  3. Yes!! Gorgeous and uplifting!! I love the prayer card quality your graphics have and the link to the site Holy Card Heaven. You, like Sue Elvis, are so professional with your art!!! Wonderful!


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