Friday, August 7, 2015

In Church or in The Street

                'When I eat or drink, move or stand still, 
                speak or keep silent, sleep or wake, see, hear, or think; 
                whether I am in church, at home, or in the street, 
                in bad health or good, dying or not dying, 
                at every hour and moment of my life 
                I wish all to be in God.'

                St. Catherine of Genoa 

Images on this post are public domain via Pixabay


  1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what are two pictures with the words of a saint worth?
    Just so perfect!
    St. Catherine of Genoa: Pray for us

    1. Sometimes a quote or a picture will just HIT me as saying exactly what I would say if I could say it :) . Thank God they have said it!

  2. At this moment in time for me; I am tempted to take the images, and words in their order here displayed, and have them framed.
    The thoughts, and future contemplation they might offer are..............
    In fact I suspect they would continue to serve well, at the very least; just to write down my thoughts now, and revisit the theme yearly to see what else can be seen.

    I`m sorry but
    you have a beautiful blog.

  3. Thanks Nancy Shuman for the info, and permission.
    I was speaking for my own private use.
    The image of the Catholic Church brings me such peace, yet the image of the world brings me a number of thoughts.
    I feel as if I don`t belong to the image of the world (city) yet if I lived or worked there I certainly would.
    Considering that thought : How many more like me/you are walking those same streets that are not seen by the world, yet there?
    How many are there traveling the same streets at rush hour, that are not part of the rat race, yet still a part of it?
    Lots to think about.

    Again. Just wonderful.
    I hope this is ok
    I have read St Catherine of Genoa`s writings on Purgatory {Excellent of course} ...I wonder if I could see myself in those mass of souls?

    1. Yes! You've said exactly what I think when I look at these two pictures!

      I was going to write more about this.... but the thoughts began tumbling out so fast that I think I should turn them into an actual post. So as soon as I have time, I'll see what happens if I go with that thought. THANK YOU for commenting - you have really opened up a (good!!!) bag of thoughts that i shall take to prayer. Oh my goodness, have you ever !

      The thoughts take me all the way back to childhood, to when I went daily (before school) to Mass in a church similar to this one.... situated in the midst of a city similar to this one.....


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