Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Revisiting The Cove

'What heavier burden is there than that which makes the soul descend from its sublime dignity down to the underworld, where all holiness is held in contempt? Then, my brother, flee all this agitation and misery, and go from the storm of this world to the cove where there is tranquil and certain rest.' (St. Bruno) 

Storms of the world swirl around me. In this time, as in Bruno's, all holiness is held in contempt (I notice that the word used by Bruno is 'all,' not 'some' holiness). Faith is mocked and dismissed, Jesus is discounted, sin is normalized, the sanctity of life is compromised, perversion is used to sell books and music and TV and movies. We know how it goes. 

I grow so weary at times. I want to take Bruno's advice and go to a cove. But of course I can't do that, not in a physical way. As I ponder these words, however, I see anew the gift of heart-cloister, the gift of living in the haven of God's will. I see, in the swirling storm surge, a path before me. 

Jesus beckons toward a safe refuge. 

Even in the midst of agitation and misery, I can flee. Surrounded by shadows, I can place my heart in the bright, blazing Light of Jesus.  

In the Cove of His Heart, there is tranquil and certain rest.

This is a slightly edited repost from our archives. It is linked to Reconciled to You and Theology is a Verb for It's Worth Revisiting Wednesday.

Painting at top: William McGregor Paxton
Painting at bottom:  Jean-Bernard Restout, St. Bruno Praying in the Desert


  1. I was just recently feeling burdened by the blackness in the world and needed to read this. I will be visualizing and visiting a "cove within" during these stretches of darkness. The tools we need to help us remain in the light and take a seat at the feet of our Lord. Thank you again for your loving gift to us all....

    1. Oh yes, we can feel so burdened, can't we? Thank God that He IS the Answer.


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