Sunday, January 25, 2015

One Day of Absolute Generosity

The following words ring out to me. I hear them as an invitation.  Can I do this for just one day? 

'Live for the day, as you say, 
but let it be a generous day. 
Have you ever tried giving God
just one day 
in which you refused Him nothing, 
a day of absolute generosity?'

Father William Doyle

Painting: Liotard Schokoladen Maedchen


  1. Wow! I never have. I will set to trying this. Just one day..but what a day. A day of "absolute generosity" in which I refuse Him nothing! This will take me a lifetime if ever. It will be good to contemplate this and set it as my attempts and most certainly failures during Lent. The beginning of practicing. That painting is so realistic. A good image to go with our giving one day to God....

    1. I can't say that I've made it through a whole day of this yet.... I keep forgetting as the day goes along. But I want to keep trying to make a CONSCIOUS effort at this! Thanks!


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