Friday, January 23, 2015

Like a Storm Which Will Never Ruffle Your Soul

'A quiet hidden life is not possible for you in one way,
and yet perfectly so in another
by building a solitude in your heart
where you can ever live alone with Jesus,
letting the noise and worry of life,
cares and anxieties of the world,
pass over your head, like a storm
which will never ruffle the peace of your soul.
You will enjoy perfect calm and peace of soul,
the requisite condition for a life of union,
by keeping Jesus ever with you as a Friend,
and remembering that everything happens by His permission and is in fact His work.
Let this principle soak in and it will make you a saint. Apply it to every detail of your life,
and you will not be far from what you seek.'

Fr William Doyle SJ 
(special thanks to the generous commenter who shared this quote)  

Public domain photo


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