Friday, September 14, 2012

Talk About Talk

As the Sisters' quiet evening at home continues, they gather for evening recreation.  It's time for some relaxed conversation.  

One of the Sisters might bring along a bit of embroidery she's doing to sell in their gift shop.  Another nun is busy with crochet.  Sometimes Mother has an interesting letter from one of their friends to share with everyone.  Occasionally there will be an announcement of some kind. 

Oh, and that reminds me.  I have an announcement of some kind.  

As our monastic day is now drawing toward its close, I want to "announce" that another day will follow right behind it.
It won't be exactly the same, of course.  For one thing, I think it will put more emphasis on bringing elements of monasticism out into our own worlds.  I think.  And I only "think" because I really don't know.  I am trusting God to lead this adventure, and I'm asking for your prayer that He will continue showing us what it means to live totally for Him in this world. 

But I digress.  I suppose that's okay in the middle of a family conversation, which is what evening recreation in a monastery generally is.  A family conversation.  A bit of chatter among friends.  Yes, talk during recreation is that.... but is it exactly like other conversations in the world?  

Hmm.  I suspect not.  Today I was considering some of the possible differences. 

In a gathering of individuals who are bent upon serving God with every attitude and word, are we likely to hear:  
Complaints about ""my headache," "my ear"?
Comparisons between the cooking abilities of, say, Sister Martha and Sister Julia?
Prayer requests for others that include sordid details?  
Making fun of people, whether those persons are present in the gathering or not? 
Criticism of one another?
Snapping at one another?

And what about me, out here in the "world?"  The next time I'm in a gathering of family members/friends/neighbors/co-workers..... might I be influenced by thinking of how Sisters would speak to each other during their Recreations?


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