Saturday, September 8, 2012

Free Time

Yes, those living the monastic life do have some time to themselves during the day (were we beginning to wonder?). There are moments when the nuns or monks can do what they please.  Of course, what they do in these moments will please God too, for their whole lifestyle is one of pleasing Him.  Pleasing God is the purpose of their lives.

Perhaps a nun will spend a few minutes in the garden, giving herself time to savor the glories of creation.  She may read a book, or catch up on personal correspondence.  She might even have a brief rest in her cell.  And if Sister nods off, there is no fear of oversleeping.  There will always be a bell.....

In our lives in the world, we have free time also.  Some of us, of course, have more of it than others.   But there are moments in each day when even the busiest among us may not be shuffling papers or cooking meals or sorting laundry.

I, for one, would like to form such a habit of pleasing God that no matter what I may be doing with my time, I can know that what I do is great with Him.  Whether I'm writing a letter, reading a book, talking on the phone, visiting a friend, seeing a movie, I want my lifestyle to be one of pleasing Him.

I want pleasing God to be the purpose of my life.

(Nancy Shuman photo)

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