Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Silence is the normal language of a monastic community.  That changes, however, during Recreation.

Afternoon Recreations may be indoors (especially during inclement weather), perhaps with most of the Community together.  Sometimes Sisters take strolls around the grounds, however, or engage in outdoor games, or relax in the garden and chat.  I knew of one cloistered nun who (I'm sorry to say!) broke a limb sledding down a "monastic hill" in the snow.  And if there is a lake or pond on the property, the photo on this post would not be an altogether surprising sight.

"To take the air," says St. Francis de Sales, "to walk, to entertain ourselves with cheerful and friendly conversation.... these are such innocent recreations that in a proper use of them there is need only of that common prudence which gives to everything its due order, time, place and measure." 

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