Friday, April 8, 2016

Am I Not a Living Pyx?

'I shall not become immobile in ecstatic adoration, because my duties oblige me to work. But I shall not work in a turmoil, without an inspiration of adoring love, for my faith reminds me of the Guest whom I bear within me, for am I not a living Pyx?

'I am busy because it is my duty. But I do not work without God, because the Most High God never leaves me alone.'

(The Living Pyx of Jesus, Pelligrini, 1941, p. 103)

Painting: Edouard-Jean Dambourgez, A Pork Butcher's Shop


  1. Nancy, I absolutely loved everything about this post. I shall not work in a turmoil.....Since Easter, the Lord has been teaching me to work just that way. Please pray for me that I remain obedient to Him. Thank you.

    1. I will pray, Caitlynne Grace, and I would appreciate prayer that I remain obedient also. Thank you!!


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