Friday, April 15, 2016

Every Place, Your Place

'O Holy Spirit, let me never forget Your Presence; never fail to remember Your goodness!
Since in every place I am reminded of You, in every place will I worship You. Since You are present every moment, in every moment I will remember You.

For every place is Your place, and every moment Your moment. The whole earth is Your temple. All time is Yours. And my song of thanksgiving, my hymn of praise, my act of adoration is always called for. Here and there and everywhere, always and ever, You are my God. And I am ever and always Your child.' 

(The Living Pyx of Jesus, Pelligrini, 1941, p. 150)


  1. Nancy, the first time I read this post, I nodded to myself saying, How true, and I left. But it snagged my heart, you know. In the hours that followed, it came back, very, very gently. And I finally saw that although prayer has deepened its path in my life, today God wanted me to know it is not enough. He wants me to remember Him in every moment. Not one moment should be lived away and apart from Him.

    1. How wonderful He is to us, Caitlynne Grace! Thank you for sharing this.


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