Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Toward Hallways Beyond

'The thing that draws me most about monasticism,' I wrote here recently, 'is its absolute totality.'

I have spent days now considering this statement. Is that what truly does draw me most? 

Yes, it is. Has it drawn me for a long time? Oh, indeed! Do I live such totality? Well

I want to. I genuinely want to. I want to move out of the wide hallway of 'on-the-periphery-of-my-life-religion' into living fully, not just partly, for Christ.

The only doorway into cloister of the heart (we've said many times) is the doorway of surrender to God. But the step across that threshold is not it a one-time-and-it's-done event. I can step now, yes; but there will be new steps to take tomorrow. I know I can't just cross that threshold and sit down. I will be called to follow Christ through doors yet unseen, around unknown turns of hallways beyond.

We are now on the threshold of Lent, and it occurs to me that this is a good time for stepping. So I make a decision to say a deeper yes, to allow God to draw me closer to Him, to take a brand new step. 

I invite you to come with me, this Lent, toward hallways beyond. Let's see what's around the bend.....

'Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.' Matthew 7:13

Painting: Vilhelm Hammershoi

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  1. I wish stepping across the threshold to the surrender of God was a one-time-and-it's-done event!! That way I wouldn't offend Him so much and so often as I've done. There's always that fear when I step across the threshold and that question "Will I fail again?" I'm praying fervently this Lent that God keeps me close to him and away from sin, since I obviously can't conquer sin by my own efforts... But I guess on further reflection, Jesus has already conquered sin! So all I need to do is trust in Him and let Him help me bear my cross!

    1. Amen, Michelle! What you said makes me think of Romans 7:21 - 8:4. Thank God for the example of St. Paul!

  2. Nancy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here and linking the post up with the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme this week.

    I've experienced times in my life when walking over the threshold has not been scary and I've done it without hesitation. But, it can be easy to get side-railed by life and find yourself needing to make that conscious choice daily to walk with God and follow where he leads.

    1. Yes, life can indeed sidetrack us, can't it?! Thank you, Laura.

  3. Stepping across the threshold what a beautiful image I will be taking with me in the coming days. Remembering with it that there are yet doors unseen.

    This was just beautifully written. Thank you.

    So glad to have you join us while we Seek Him this season.


    1. Thank you, Trish, for such kind words, and for your generous welcome!

  4. "Absolute totality" is so true and such effort it seems. I love the moving out of "the wide hallway of 'on the periphery of my life religion'" !! There is so much wasteland in my life by a halfway living. Thank you for your wise words of stepping toward Him more fully this Lent. May we surrender together....

    1. "Hallway living." I love that! (I recognize that). Thanks so much! Yes, I pray we will surrender, by His great grace.


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