Saturday, September 28, 2013


The battle continues.  The struggle intensifies.  My battle for a living, disciplined, vital life of prayer goes on, and today there has been a new skirmish. 

I suppose I could envision it as an arrow stuck in my back, right below my neck, for that is where I injured myself today while (of all things) talking on the phone.  It's what I get for trying to multi-task, attempting to use both hands while holding the phone with my shoulder.  Got a call in the midst of doing something... we all know how this goes.... and before long I felt one of those cramps that feels like the muscles are crying "skreeeeeezzzzzitsjsh!!"  Uh oh.  A chink in my armor?

I can still pray, of course; nothing should be able to stop that.   Nothing SHOULD be able to stop that.  But oh, what a struggle.  I'd really like to sit in front of a mindless "happy" movie and hold really still and be, well:  pampered.

There is nothing wrong with decent happy movies, certainly.  Nothing wrong with caring for oneself when injured - in fact, that's good stewardship.  But guess what?  I can sit really still and apply heat and pray at the same time.  The happy movie can come later.

Could it be (the thought occurs to me) that Our Lord Himself would like to "pamper" me?  To draw me close in prayer and soothe me spiritually?  Perhaps even to soothe the screeching muscle as well - who knows...

So I shall go to Him.  Stiff in neck and sore in back and listless in spirit, I go.  If I don't, THAT is when the chink in my armor widens, lets in REAL arrows, wounds my life of prayer.

Stay tuned.  I'll let you know how things go.

Painting: Nicolaes Maes, Christ Blessing the Children (detail) 

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