Tuesday, June 25, 2013

He Knocks...

While looking into the "cloistered" heart of St. Ambrose, I came across a post from last year.  I remember how struck I was when I originally put these two paintings together, seeing how they "happened" to line up onscreen.   

As always, today I prayed to be led as to whether or not to present this again.  After all, many saw the post a year ago. 

But you know what?  I had the distinct thought that someone, somewhere, may "need" this now, this very day.  

I wonder if someone, somewhere, just might be hearing a knock.....

"Let your door stand open to receive Him, 
unlock your soul to Him, 
offer Him a welcome in your mind...

Throw wide the gate of your heart,
stand before the sun of the everlasting Light 
that shines on every man... 
He does not want to force His way in rudely,
or compel us to admit him against our will….

Our door is faith; if it is strong enough, 
the whole house is safe.
This is the door by which Christ enters….

It is the soul that has its door, its gates. 
Christ comes to this door and knocks;
He knocks at these gates.
Open to him;
He wants to enter,
to find His bride waiting and watching…"
                        - St. Ambrose