Sunday, June 2, 2013

Don't Mind Me. I'm Just Loistering.

Yes, you're at the right blog - if you clicked in looking for "The Cloistered Heart," that is.  Twelve hours ago, you may have left wondering.  For a short while, there was a background behind the blog title.  Our "C" got swallowed up in a saint's face on that, being hidden altogether and possibly causing anyone who'd never been here before to ask themselves "just what IS a Loistered Heart?"

I, meanwhile, was at Church - realizing this had happened right before it was time for me to leave my house but having no time to change it.

One does go on about one's life, at times leaving Loistered Blogs lingering.  At least I was where I could do something about it.  I prayed.

Now I'm off again.  In a short while, hopefully a chunk of the world's population will be joining, in one way or another, in worldwide Eucharistic Adoration.... all at the same time.  Those who cannot do so in a chapel or church can, of course, adore our Lord Jesus wherever we may be.

Meanwhile, back at this blog, anyone happening to check in throughout this day (and perhaps beyond...) is likely to see changes and then changes again.  Yes, I know a light background may be a bit jarring for those of us accustomed to a dark "oasis."  I will admit, however, to being "of an age" when what is easiest to see is what's most appreciated.

I can say this much:  a few more things will change in this little blog over the next day or two.  So stay tuned:  you wouldn't want to miss a fleeting tryout of abstract purple tulips stuck smack behind the Loister.

Many bloggers hide their blogs from public view while changing colors and fonts.  Not I.   So if you see something you dislike, hang on - it may not be there long.  If you see something you like - look quickly - it may not be there long.  You can let me know in "the parlor" if you have any suggestions along the way.

In the meantime, this is a significant day, a day of worldwide Eucharistic adoration.  I want to participate as fully as possible.

It's time again for me to leave the Loisters.  I will be praying with you before our Eucharistic Lord.