Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Each Thing a Priceless Treasure

"If, while I am sewing, I do each stitch as well as possible, because I am doing it for Him and with Him Who resides in my little soul... each thing that I do is is a priceless treasure....

"My share in the apostolate may be by prayer or by suffering, by letting my light shine, by being the salt of the earth, by making the fact that Jesus lives within me so patent that people cannot help glorifying my Father Who is in heaven....

"It is not only those who are called to active service who share with the divine Master this magnificent Apostolate.  All who cherish the Interior Life are, by that very fact, called to be Apostles, sent by God to do His work in some form or another.

"Eternal God!  It is Thy gracious pleasure to make my pour soul Thy home."

(from The Living Pyx of Jesus, by A Religious, Pellegrini, 1941, pp. 42-44)

R Berenguer painting in US public domain due to age

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