Friday, February 15, 2013

That Kind of Week

I had such plans for Lent.  Plans to practice lectio divina, to write about time spent with God.  Plans to consider what distracts me from prayer, and to share my discoveries here.

Lent is only two days old, and already my plans have been sidetracked.  Time got sucked up into that strange vacuum that inhales minutes and schedules and good intentions (and possibly matching socks).

And sharing discoveries?  Only if my Internet connection works, and for the last few days that has been intermittent at best here.  This very post might disappear before I hit "publish."  The worker(s) coming to track down the problem won't be able to come for days yet.  Meanwhile, I sometimes get "kicked offline" right in the middle of writing a sen

It has been that kind of week.

It has been that kind of week for all of us, and with much larger issues than Internet snags.  I moped around with a heavy heart when I learned our Holy Father was stepping down, but I am grateful for trust.  Trust in God, Who has promised to guide His Church - and trust in Pope Benedict XVI, who is surely shepherding us even in this decision.  My heart is no longer heavy when I choose to trust. 

We have witnessed a week that will live in Church history.  We've also witnessed a week that will live in astronomical history, as two asteroids swept by us on the same day.  Interesting that one became a damaging meteor even while our attention was focused on the other.  

Please stay tuned, for when the Internet cooperates, I will be here.  I wanted to "journal about this Lent," and, God willing, I shall do so.

After all, Lent is only two days old. 

"In Your Name, Jesus, and enclosed within Your Heart, I can do anything!"  St. Frances Cabrini

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Painting by Jakub Schikaneder