Friday, October 19, 2012

Step Closer

As we continue praying with Scripture, I believe (no, I know) Our Lord is calling each of us to step closer, closer, closer to Himself.

After the four steps given by Guigo, wrote Tim Gray, "we can add a fifth step: Operatio, in which we make operative some practical resolution to bring the wine of God's word to fruitfulness in our life and the world."  (Tim Gray Ph.D, Praying Scripture for a Change, p.36)  With this in mind, I want to seek God's grace "to bring the wine of God's word to fruitfulness in our lives and the world." 

After all, seeing and responding to all things through the "grillwork of the will of God" (in essence, living Scripture) is at the core of life as a cloistered heart. 

"To wait always upon God's word is to live according to His will.  It is to abide in His love.  It is to walk in His presence... the soul must learn to search for God's love and abide in it.  The soul must learn the mystery of God's presence, must learn to recognize the inflection of His voice."  (Dom Hubert Van Zeller, The Holy Rule, Sheed and Ward, 1958, p. 2)

The next step for us, I believe, is to look toward what it means to pray, work, sleep, speak, act, walk, rest - in the fruits of our lectio.  To live "Scripture, Applied."

To move and breathe in the Presence of God.