Monday, October 15, 2012

In the Vineyard of Prayer

We are still in the midst of our "lectio day," and we have much ahead to ponder.

In his book Praying Scripture for a Change, Tim Gray summarizes the rungs of "Guigo's ladder of lectio divina," helping us "visualize these vital steps to harvesting the vineyard of the divine text."

"Lectio:  In which the words of Scripture are examined closely, their connections and patterns noted.  Similar to how the grapes of a vineyard are examined and collected with care.

Meditatio:  In which the Scripture is squeezed to extract its meaning.  Similar to how grapes are squeezed for their juice.

Oratio:  In which our conversation with God about the Word allows us to ponder it in our heart with a growing desire for the One who has spoken to us.  Similar to how grape juice ferments over time in an oak barrel to produce the sweet wine.  

Contemplatio:  In which we 'taste the goodness of the Lord.'  Similar to how the wine is opened and its sweetness consumed."

Following these four steps and in response to them, continues Dr. Gray, "we can add a fifth step:

Operatio:  In which we make operative some practical resolution to bring the wine of God's word to fruitfulness in our life and the world."  (Tim Gray Ph.D, Praying Scripture for a Change, Ascension Press, 2009, p.36)

We have looked, at least to some extent, into the steps of lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), and oratio (prayer and response).  In the next few posts, we'll ask Our Lord for the graces of contemplatio (contemplation).

In the meantime, I offer one more very brief video - this from the author of the text just quoted ... Dr. Tim Gray.