Wednesday, March 25, 2015

In That Spiritual Home

'Come, my soul, let us pass beyond our langours, our illnesses, our aridities, our inequalities of humour, our weaknesses of mind, the snares of the devil and of men with their suspicions, jealousies, sinister ideas and prejudices. Let us fly like the eagle above all these clouds...

'Let us live in the higher region of the soul where the will of God produces His eternal operation, ever equal, ever uniform, ever immutable. In that spiritual home... we remain calm even when our senses are the prey of the tempest.'

Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Painting: Peter Vilhelm Ilsted, in US public domain due to age


  1. This is a high calling for sure! I find myself struggling so often to fly from the ground to the porch railing! or feeder!!! There is such permission to right ourselves for our soul's sake and God's will for our lives in this quotation. And that painting...the light of her lamp illuminating the window space and warm red/orange tones is stunning. Thanks again Nancy...You are so inspiring and I am so grateful to come over to your place!!

    1. A high calling indeed. I'm right with you in struggling to fly to the railing or feeder :)!

      And I have been struck by the painting also... yes, stunning is the word.

      I'm grateful you DO come over to visit!!! Thank you so very, very much.


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