Friday, March 6, 2015

Birds and Poems and Cloistered Sledding

Today I sit inside a snowglobe. I'd love to grab woolen mittens and a wooden sled and spend the day sliding until my face freezes and my hair cakes with ice.

Ah... but for me, such activity is no longer possible. For a "not so young woman," attempting anything of the kind would be throwing not only caution, but also sanity, to the wind.

I can, however, toss aside any of my previous posting plans, and invite you to share a few spontaneous minutes of "virtual cloistered sledding."

We can then spend a little time contemplating God's seasonal gifts.

What do you say?  Let's click "Winter Birds (and Nuns too)" to see what cloister gardens (and recreations!) are like at this time of year.

And to settle back in contemplation of God's world, we can click on
"A Winter's Serenade"  
"Winter Poem of Mystical Death and Divine Rebirth"

And we can enjoy!

Paintingt: Adolf_Kaufmann

Photo © 2015 N Shuman


  1. Ha! I clicked on Winter Serenade and was surprised! Thank you for sharing it Nancy!!!I Love the sledding nuns enjoying winter! How fun it looks. I am with you and dare not fling myself down a hill at my age; don't know if I could get back up!! The other poem was great to read! Here's to the coming of spring! And thank you for the cheer of your posts during the end of a long winter....God Bless

    1. Ah ha - surprised is good!! ;)

      No flinging of self down hills would be necessary for me.... if I stepped a foot onto a slippery incline, the hill itself would do the flinging.


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