Thursday, November 13, 2014

Go Ahead! Courage!

'Go ahead! Courage! 
In the spiritual life he who does not go forward goes backward. 
It is the same with a boat which must always go forward. 
If it stands still, the wind will blow it back.'

St. Padre Pio

Painting: Charles Napier Hemy, Running for Home


  1. This is so very true! I see it in myself and in other christians I know.
    If we are not continually gaining ground in our faith walk, we have no hope of maintaining our present spiritual positions..we not only lose our grip on them..but also on any chance of getting further ahead. The sad thing is that we so easily get lulled into just drifting along, as if everything is fine..and we don't see how far back we've actually slipped!

    1. Oh, Trish, I know the lulling!!!! I know it so well. Thank God, he always calls us forward...


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