Friday, December 6, 2013

The Cloistered Heart, Illustrated

The Advent window continues to open.  With every Christmas program, cookie-swap, even (yes!) trip to the mall, there are opportunities to hear and to proclaim (maybe through a card sent or a "merry Christmas" spoken) the message that Jesus has come.

I first posted this video last Advent.  As I ponder it anew, I realize more than ever how accurately it portrays the witness of a cloistered heart.  Oh - I don't mean that we should go through malls preaching and singing.  But what if we did our shopping with songs of praise in our hearts?   Not just at this time of year, but as often as we can remember to do so?

Our inner voices of prayer do, I believe, have an effect on things around us.  How could they not?

I continue to see this video as a marvelous illustration of what cloistered hearts can be, in various ways, in the hustle and bustle and distraction and clamor and craziness of the world.  So I ask it again this year.... 

Can we be cloistered here?

Painting at the top of this post is The Shop Girl by James Tissot

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