Thursday, October 17, 2013


It's working!  Having a prayerful book to go back to every few hours is beginning to bear fruit! 

Today I was too busy to carry my most recent booklet in a pocket (or at least, I would not have been able to refer to it throughout the day had I done so).  But just remembering this half-formed habit was enough to keep me going.  I particularly recalled words of Brother Lawrence that I'd read two days ago:  " may be sure that soon you will see some results." 

Really, how could I not?

Taking a thought that strikes me, and then making a conscious effort to keep ACTING on that for the following hour or so (this being absolutely key) can be life-changing.  It is a way of moving toward prayer and virtue in manageable baby steps.  For one with a flighty, distractable mind, the constant coming back and refocusing is proving to be a tremendous boost.  

"Soon you will see some results."  These few words gave me such hope during this busy day.  They kept me focused.  They made me remember that this journey toward a life of virtue and prayer is not just up to me.  If I am moving toward God, He's meeting me more than halfway.

This, in itself, is exciting.  It makes my baby steps stronger, my stride more confident, my anticipation more keen.  And who knows?  At any moment, I might just break into a run.

"Draw me after You, and we will run together!"  (Song of Songs 1:4)

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