Monday, April 2, 2012

A Seamless Gift

Our friend Rose once wrote "I remember reading, I think from St. Teresa of Avila, that obedience to one's superior is more meritorious than all the self-imposed mortifications, fastings and prayers.  Then I realized my superior is really my vocation as a wife and mother.  Therefore, my duties and responsibilities of motherhood must come first.  And, done with the right intentions (as St. Francis de Sales says, 'for the greater glory of God'), all my actions are lifted up in prayer." 

Rose has been blessed with many children, and now children-in-law and grandchildren.  She lives "cloister of the heart" quietly, generously - and I would say "seamlessly" - as her cloistered life blends smoothly with her life of service to and enjoyment of her family.  Family and living as a cloistered heart do not in any way conflict for Rose; they are entirely complimentary.

My experience has been the same.  In weeks to come, I hope to look into some areas of complementarity - in my own life and in the lives of  others who want to live totally for Christ in the midst of a busy, scrambled, charming, distracting, demanding, at times exquisitely beautiful - and at times unnerving - world.

With this already in my heart, I find it a kind of confirmation that our recent "Listening for the Bells" post has been re-posted (with my permission) on the beautiful blog THE FEMININE GIFT.  The ladies there share from the perspective of young women living for Christ in the world, whether they be single or married.  This is very much in line with my own perspective (except that in my case you can, ahem, leave out the "young" part).  I encourage you to visit them at (click on a picture or title in their blog to open an entire post).

In the meantime, we will continue over the next few days with our Lenten meditations.  May Our Lord lead His Church into a holy Triduum. 

For prayer and meditation:

"We must try to converse with God in little ways while we do our work... we should purely and simply reveal our hearts as the words come to us."  (Brother Lawrence)

"Your adornment is... the hidden character of the heart, expressed in the unfading beauty of a calm and gentle disposition.  This is precious in God's eyes."  (1 Peter 3:4)

(Henriette Browne painting in US public domain)