Monday, January 2, 2012

O Lord, open my lips...

"Intentions are wispy things," I wrote a month ago.  They drift by and are soon forgotten, being nothing more than daydreams until they're turned into actions.  Forgive me for repeating what I said then, but I want to remind myself that yes, I had intentions.  I would do well now to look back at them.  After all, it's the time of year when people embark on new beginnings.  So .. have my intentions to "spend more time in the choir (prayer) stall" begun to turn into actions?

Some, yes.  I have found it easier to remember to pray as SOON AS I awaken, before I get out of bed.  I've been doing this by reciting one key line:  "Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will proclaim Your praise..."  I have found these words  to be the perfect ones to propel me into a prayerful day.  I don't stop with that sentence, generally.... I take it forward into a line or two of verbal praise of God, perhaps some general "conversation," maybe a bit of intercession as I feel inspired to do so.  I then find it easier and more natural to keep spontaneous prayer going as the day moves along.

I am reminded, in this, of having an i.v. put into my hand during one of the times I was giving birth.  I was not too keen on the idea.  However, I was told that I'd be given only saline unless I needed medication at some time.  The point was to have an open vein, ready and waiting, because that would make it easier to administer medicine should this suddenly be necessary.

I've thought of that often in the years since; I think of it in connection with prayer.  If I open my heart to conversation with God when the day begins, I find it much easier to stay connected as the moments move along.  It's more natural to ask for "on the spot" help. It's easier to be thankful.  I tend to be aware of God's presence throughout the day.

My new year's prayer for all of us is that the Lord will open our lips.  May our hearts embrace Him lovingly.  May our mouths proclaim His praise........