Friday, January 13, 2012

a crack in the wall

The following is from a woman who discerned, after several years in the postulancy and novitiate of a Community, that the religious vocation was not her call from God.  "Rose" brings a perspective I have never had, so I share this with her permission:

"When I left the convent I thought I had to leave prayer and the spiritual life behind.  I tried to leave it behind, but God had other ideas.  He constantly tugged at my heart and I was always longing for more spirituality in my life.  I had this idea that prayer, holiness, and the spiritual life were for the religious vocation and hidden behind high, thick brick walls.  I longed to find a crack in that wall so I could have just a tiny taste of the spiritual life I once knew. 

"Then the Holy Spirit brought the Cloistered Heart to me.  The Cloistered Heart allowed me to squeeze through a tiny crack in that big brick wall.  My spiritual life began to blossom.  I found renewed joy in prayer, the Mass, and the sacraments...

"I long for the fullness of all of God's promises for those who love Him to the heights.  And if that sounds presumptive, then so be it, because I know that it is meant for us all.  Not just the Religious or the saints, but for all......"  (Rose)