Sunday, August 6, 2017

For a Strong Grille

My spiritual "grillwork" is in need of strengthening. The world around is not embracing the truth of God as revealed in Scripture, and we who want to discern and live God's will are facing increasing challenges. Our grillwork needs to be as sturdy as possible.

What strengthens my grillwork? Reading, praying, living scripture. Picking up a Bible and savoring it as the love letter it truly is. Going beyond reading scripture into making a conscious effort to live it. Studying the Word so that I can see and respond to life through it.

'The holy scriptures are our letters from Home.' St Augustine

If we need strengthening of our own "grillwork," the following links may offer some help:

Catholic Way Bible Study

Catholic Spiritual Direction - Bible Helps

Scott Hahn Tools for Bible Study

Lectio and Keyholes


  1. I need all the help and advice that I can get on keeping my grillwork strong. Often I stand on tiptoe with my nose against it peering out when I should have my back to it. Thank you for all the encouragement. so often you write exactly what I need to hear (not necessarily what I want to hear, there is sometimes a big difference)


    1. I know, Annie - sometimes there is a big difference indeed! Thanks so much.


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