Saturday, January 21, 2017

Returning Thanks


  1. Yesterday was the feast day of St Fabian, Pope. The priest told a story of him I didn't recall: The cardinals were in discussion on election of a new pope when Fabian came by. While they watched, a dove came down and sat on his head, and the cardinals took it as a sign and elected him pope. Fabian was a pope in a period after the heavy persecutions of Rome stopped, and he spent his papacy uniting the people of the Church, and their persecutors. Forgiveness and community were the marks of his papacy. The priest noted that it was a blessing that President Trump took his oath of office on this feast day, for he too has a great task in front of him in uniting our country. We pray he may be as successful as St Fabian was.

    And as for us, we can only pray and trust in God, and do our little part, like writing a blog extolling His graces.

    1. I had never heard that about St. Fabian! I will now ask his intercession for President Trump, who does indeed have a great task ahead, doesn't he?

      I love what you said about praying and trusting God and doing our little part. Thank you for faithfully writing YOUR blog, to the glory of Our Lord.


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