Sunday, October 23, 2016

Without Forcing Your Mind

Do not be distressed if sometimes, or very often,
 you are not consoled by your meditations.
Persevere gently, humbly, patiently,
without forcing your mind.
Read a book when fatigued; 
read a little, then meditate, 
then read a little again, and again meditate... 

St. Francis de Sales

Painting: Friedrich von Amerling, 1835 


  1. I am going through this now. I know the Lord is present, but my heart is not in peace. Perhaps because I am not feeling well today? I have chronic pain. I thank the Lord for allowing me to have pain as He most certainly did, and offer mine to Him for His purposes. I know He loves me and I trust Him fully. Thank you for this post. The painting is so beautiful. She is so lovely and feminine. I wish more women would see the beauty and value of their femininity in our culture...may God bless those who visit this blog...

    1. Christine, thank you. I pray that Our Lord will ease your pain - and what a blessing that you are offering it to Him. I have tried to do the same thing all day (and night) with some pain of my own. May God give us strength.

      I also think the painting is beautiful, and I agree wholeheartedly with your wish that more would see the beauty of femininity! Thanks so very much.

    2. Hello Nancy. Thank you for your kind response. It seems we are walking similar paths. So nice to communicate with someone who understands the affliction of pain and who reflects my own spiritual insights. I thank the Lord for you and this blog! It is such a blessing for me to share with you1

    3. Christine, I know (from experience) that pain can really wear us down. Indeed it does seem we are walking similar paths. Thank YOU for sharing!


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