Monday, November 9, 2015

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It


  1. Nancy, never before have I heard of the calling to cloister my heart, although, very, very often, I have yearned for the solitude of a tree enclosed, still and silent monastery. With 5 children and a hectic day job, I lead a life bordering on madness. But about a year back, I began blogging in secret. No one who knows me knows of my blog, and I want it that way because I want the freedom and space to connect to God as who I really am. My blogging began with writing what I truly felt, but it quickly evolved into writing what I was told to write.

    I found a depth to life I never thought existed. It is like stepping into a secret room. Only my Lord and I.

    I now see that my blog, in a way, is a form of cloister. It is still very far removed from your special calling. But I must learn to accept and submit to a life behind the grille.

    1. Caitlynne Grace, I love the thought of stepping into a secret room. How beautiful.

      I was still raising my children when the idea of the Cloistered Heart first came to me, years ago, and I wrote of it in my journals. I look back at those writings now and wonder why I didn't record more about about my children!!! But even as I wonder, I know. The writing was a place apart, a "hermitage spot" in the midst of a then-hectic life. Very much as you speak of with your blog.

      I'm so glad you're here.

    2. Apart from my blog, yours too is my 'hermitage spot', Nancy. The very minute I began to read your posts, I felt the comfort of 'just my Lord and I. That doesn't happen very often :-)

  2. Oh Caitlynne, your comment touched me. I love that idea of a secret blog between me and God. I may have to pray about that one. God bless you!


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