Sunday, October 18, 2015

Who Shall Stand Unscathed?

        'We know but too well that we deteriorate by our friction with the world. 
        Our clothes get worse for the wear, and so do our souls.  
        The trees and flowers lose their bloom in the midst of large cities, 
        and become sickly and easily die;
        so the spirit becomes tainted with the atmosphere around it - 
        often indeed, it falls into serious disorder with complications.  
        What hubbub, what warfare, what tumult it has to live in!  
        Who shall stand unscathed, 
        loyal to faith and generous self-sacrificing love in the midst of it?  
        Men of business, in the forge and working-house of thought, 
        get away to the pure air of the country to recoup their powers.  
        Must we not do likewise - get out of the turmoil of life, 
        and enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of the retreat, 
        to restore and renew our spiritual life and vigour?' 

        (from Fervorinos from the Lips of the Master, compiled by a Religious, Pelligrini, Australia, 1940, pp. 240-241)

Photos via Pixabay


  1. Thanks for the thoughtful reflection.

    1. I love the meditations of 'A Religious' - whoever he or she was! Thanks so much.


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